Secret Beaches & Crystal Clear Waters

The Yin Yang Concept

Get onboard the Yin Yang Concept and discover secret beaches, hidden spots and crystal clear waters in Cyclades. Spots we will visit will generate unique moments, spectacular views and a wider sensation of rest and joy while we take care of you!

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The Yin Yang Concept

If you love sea and sun you are in the right place to enjoy the most of it. We love them too and as well as we believe that the experience of sea voyage is the best way to visit unique destinations as the Greek Islands.

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The Yin Yang Concept

With comfort, in style and without compromises in quality and services we are here to show you our homeland and make you love it as we do. We are proud to welcome you home and we will do our best to provide you the experience of a life time.

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The Yin Yang Concept

Join us on this trip, where you will experience the cosines of yacht cruising in an environment where sun, sea and land are equally balanced and altogether make this trip one of a kind.

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We are sailing along the Cyclades Islands in Aegean Sea, the famous Greek islands that most probably you have already heard of. The difference you will feel while sailing with us is revealed as you will see the best of this unique corner of earth and you will have the chance to live in the real place and to meet with locals.

Welcome onboard, The Yin Yang Concept sets sail from May 2020 off Paros coasts creating authentic sailing experiences. Sail on this classic Sailing Yacht and give yourself the chance to experience unique unforgettable moments. We are sailing daily around the Southern Coast of Paros Island and surround islands transforming an ordinary  day to an experience worth every moment spent with us. So welcome onboard and relax, sails are set, wind sea sun and ourselves take care of the rest.


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The Yin Yang concept goes beyond a sailing trip,
its a journey of the spiritual senses surrounded by
the simplicity of the Cycladic Panorama.

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