A personal strive to make it in a hostile world

Follow your dreams and do not give up, one or the other way life pays off, in the end if you do not try you will never find out how this could turn to be. – Capt. Nikos

Sailing single handed a blue water ketch in Aegean Waters

Once you have the bliss to spend days onboard your beloved yacht, getting to explore and enjoy wonderful destinations in easy pace without rush, life turns nice and meaningful.

Fall 2020 – Mayhem ongoing, are we learning from it?

Few months ago I was wondering if this can be really happening, we are in the end of November and the mayhem goes on possibly in a worst magnitude than its commencement.

Summer 2020 – Sailing uncharted waters amidst storms

When I started this blog spot some 8 months earlier this year I could never imagine that only that short time after the whole world would have turned upside down.

Thoughts amidst global pandemic – COVID 19

It is more than weird to live days like this, apparently unprecedented ones for my 44 years in this planet and truly out of any familiarity.

Introducing me and The Yin Yang Concept – Paros Sailing Experiences, how it started

This is the first article on this blog and actually my own first entry in a blog as well.

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