Captain Nikos

Captain Nikos’ spirit is one that cannot remain idle and static since he has always been attracted to adventure. He was born and raised next to the sea between Syros and Paros islands, learning the sea from fishing boats and sailing dingy boats while traveling with his imagination the seven seas. Following his heart he first joined a merchant passenger ship in 1993 starting his sea days as utility boy, successfully attended the Merchant Marine Academy graduating in 1998, and worked his way up through the years sailing the seven seas serving all ranks from Junior Officer up to Staff Captain. Since 2007 when he was officially licenced as Ship’s Master’s Unlimited Tonnage STCW, the highest of Certifications in Merchant Marine, he has taken command of 27 different merchant ships of all types, from Highspeed ferries to Cruise Ships. After serving the merchant marine for more than 2 and a half decades and feeling it was time to try something by and for himself he came along with the Yin Yang Concept where his life theory and passion for sea were coupled equally with his love for his homeland, the very special Paros island. With a great personal input and devotion in his vision he turned his dream concept to reality. On top of his vast experience at sea, Captain Nikos brings high international safety standards, professional sailing and ship mastering skills and exquisite hospitality service approaches along with personal passion and vision that in total form his view for hospitality at sea. More on how the Concept get to materialize can be found here.

Kalo taxidi is the Greek Bon Voyage, Captain welcomes you onboard resting assured you will enjoy every second of it.

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