Yin Yang Concept Blog - Fall 2020
Yin Yang Concept Blog - Fall 2020

This is still happening

Few months ago I was wondering if this can be really happening, we are in the end of November and the mayhem goes on possibly in a worst magnitude than its commencement. Europe is amidst lockdowns again while the disease is reported to continue picking up highs along the globe; economies descend in the afterneath of lost lives while science still is not there yet to provide the so desperately needed vaccine.

Situation becomes more critical as our life obviously heads for constant changes on the status quo as we knew it. It cannot be but alarming to realise that in the name of an enemy, long time gained personal and social rights are being encroached and worst of all we are slowly becoming used to this new reality. Hoping to return in previous situation seems more and more as a figure of a distant sailing ship moving away from us hidden by hazes and blur horizon.

On the other hand pandemic has revealed our global vulnerability against such an issue, taking it further on should that be the start point of further exposures where we will prove again incapable to handle? Times like this can, and mostly ought to act as an alarm that will activate our second thoughts and considerations. Our exposure shows our weakness in total against nature, environment and the like and this has to be our new observation standpoint towards reality and the future. No matter how high technology has placed itself or is expected to become, our ignorance and arrogance when acting as solid owners of this planet will be getting kicked back harder and harder as the king here is not human.

Time to wake up

Association between environment and pandemic is neither irrelevant nor inappropriate, there are various scientific calls that associate Covid 19 and previous such viruses with our wider poor environmental attitude against rest of live forms on this planet. Poultry massive constant feeding aiming accelerated aging, cutlery feeding similar practices, pork’s pasture packing for same reasons  and massive forests extinction in order to provide animal’s land to be fed are now associated all with virus and other deceases generation and cultivation.

Human’s systematic invasion within nature’s pace and structure seems not being trespassed without consequences by the host of this unique planet, however we keep repeating our disastrous practices in an insane rhythm like we will be the last ones inhabiting earth and our children will not be here tomorrow or the day after.

That being said, there is hope as the environmentalist culture seems to gain room and wider masses of human beings get to understand that what we have been up to day cannot but be named but as paranoid, self-distracting actions against our own existence. More and more people every day appear alarmed and convinced that our probation period has run out long time ago and we are already face to face with the counter wash of our actions up to day. Sustainability is being mentioned and discussed increasingly while various teams, groups or individuals are taking action within their everyday life in order to turn the tide.

It is more than promising to see that such values, principles and life attitudes are now being communicated to kids on early stages therefore we have high chances that environmental oriented and sustainability approach will be their second self on their way towards adult life. I cannot be but proud when I communicate such content to my young daughters and seeing them respond immediately after getting the message, it gives me real hope that they, along with the majority of new generation will prove much better than ours.

Yin Yang Concept Blog - Fall 2020

The Yin Yang Concept on this

As an individual  and through the Yin Yang Concept as an extension of me, my will and aim is to contribute as much as I can towards a sustainable and environmental friendly living. The yacht by itself is a sail powered one meaning that our ecological footprint is vastly minimized by default, we are trying to sail as much as possible exploiting nature’s forces while we try to communicate our reasoning with our guests. There is no meaning to believe and preach anything if you do not follow it in first place and communicate the outcome. Irrespective to one’s political, national, sexual or spiritual believes, respecting the environment and trying to activate people around us cannot be but of paramount importance and priority.

I am delighted to identify more and more action groups and individuals who are actively moving on with various activities and events willing to preserve our land and seas, correcting and remedy our disastrous impact up to now and  work with the envision of a better tomorrow for all.

My  believe is that in due time we will be happy to announce collaborations and alliances with such teams so the Yin Yang Concept can actively and practically contribute more its part towards our common target. Further future plans could be of replacing our machinery and equipment with friendlier to environment ones, a much desired will that for the moment has to be halted due to financial restrictions. The aim however is there and will do our best to reach it should the situation allows us to become capable of.

For the time being the Yacht is relocated and wintering in wider Attiki region, closer to specialists that allow easier procurement and attendance. Due to lockdown the action plan has been stopped while we are awaiting movement ban waiver as to continue with our intended action plan. Existing electrical installation in particular is number one focus point while various other elements of attention that are being examined and leading us to respective decisions and actions.

Yin Yang Concept Blog - Fall 2020

What will 2021 be cannot be predicted for the time, realism on one side and optimism on the other are balancing in between them, for the time being we continue to look ahead and far in horizon patiently waiting for the sun rays to penetrate cloudy skies, storms do not last forever, at least that was the norm up to day.

Happy and safe winter ahead,

Your Captain Nikos


  1. November 28, 2020 at 1:39 pm
    Sue Spalton

    Very insightful. Thank you for your thoughtful blog and good luck for 2021.

  2. November 28, 2020 at 4:24 pm

    Glad you like it Sue, wishing you a safe and happy winter ahead

  3. December 1, 2020 at 8:19 am
    dimitris tsoumas

    good job captain
    Wish that your point of view will be jelpfull for any reader

  4. December 2, 2020 at 6:27 pm

    That’s the spirit! Keep on towards sun rise yin yang….

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