Paros beaches
Feeling blessed to be raised in Aegean Sea I cannot but recall with the warmest memories my childhood summer days. Blue skies, seas and clear air in my lungs are the background of all my memory flashbacks.

The most of time for my summers until my teenage years were always spent in Paros island back in the 80s where life, people and habits were different and the island offered generously its warmth to its visitors. Even if there is no argument that Paros beauty cannot be questionable, what mostly come in mind from those days is her gorgeous beaches all around the coastline.

If there was one thing that I never became bored of, it is the sandy beaches of Paros where I grew up and stepped my foot in the crystal blue water. I can still associate the memories with the feeling of freedom and alignment with nature when my bare foot was immersing in warm sand and this feeling comes still vivid in my memory decades after.

Paros is privileged to have numerous beaches almost to the whole of its coast line; sole exemption is the Northwest coast from the Agios Fokas Cape in the northernmost end of Paroikia Bay up to Cape Korakas that marks the Northern entry of Naoussa Bay. This part of coast lies plain and dry with rocky landscape that ends in stiff edges until the sea. Apart of this wild part, all the rest of the island’s coast comprises of a combination of mild rocky corners with sandy beaches that are facing all directions of the horizon.

Kolymbithres Beach & Lageri Beach

In Naoussa Bay, Monastiri, Kolymbithres and Lageri are the most famous beaches but not the only ones, water is clear and access is easy from the road. Here even in windy gales when Meltemi winds prevail there is a shelter to swim without rip currents and smashing waves to challenge, landscape is unique and Kolymbithres due to shallow waters has probably the warmest waters in the island.

Kolymbithres Beach Paros


Santa Maria Beach

Moving to the North East, Santa Maria Bay that faces Naxos City acts as the scenery for different experiences, here the waves will not smash in the sheltered beaches of Mikri Santa and Santa Maria on the North but the majority of easterly facing beaches in the bay will be the ideal site for wind and kite surfers due to choppy seas and in windy days. It cannot be a coincidence that such watersports emerged here some decades ago before becoming trend in general.

Santa Maria Beach Paros

Molos Beach & Filizi

Moving Southwards on the East coast we encounter smaller beaches from Filizi Islets up to Molos bay that similar conditions may be expected when northern winds prevail whereas they stand as ideal shelter for South and South-westerly winds.
Molos Bay is dictated by a long sandy shallow beach that kids can safely swim with almost all weather conditions, wind will be encountered there but without high waves hence this can be an ideal spot for the ones that wish to swim regardless the environmental conditions.

Kalogeros Beach

Just south of Molos lies Kalogeros bay with the unique in the island argyle based sand, after this element became known for its wellbeing nature and properties, the beach became crowded ever since. The usual scene in summer time is a beach full of bodies fully covered with dark mud that are lying under the sun like lizards, try it and you will not regret it.

Piso Livadi & Logaras Beach

Moving south, Pisso Livadi and Logaras will offer nice memories either in shelter or more exposed sceneries with immediate access from the road numerous fish taverns strategically located in vicinity will consequently become the next standpoint to enjoy seafood with Ouzo while gazing the sea after swimming.

Punda Beach

Right after the corner facing to the Southeast lies the famous Pounda beach, where huge beach clubs offering full day activities and tons of fun for the younger ones are the focal point for this segment of visitors. Punda beach offers shelter from northerlies while the thin white sand out and inside the water makes it more than appealing for swimming and water fun.

New Golden Beach Paros (Tserdakia)

New Golden Beach or Tserdakia is a superb beach with crystal clear waters, wind and kite surfers are venturing from here towards Makronisi Island less than a nautical mile to the East, the beach faces the South and alike the most beaches in the island is straight accessible from the road.

New Golden Beach Paros

Golden Beach Paros

Continuing to the south, Golden Beach reveals its grandness, facing to the Southeast with more than a kilometre of thin white sand and crystal waters this is my personal favourite one. Numerous options to relax, exercise watersports, eat have fun and reside are gathered all around, one of the highlights of the island that should not be missed.

Golden Beach Paros

Drios Beach

Drios beach to the South makes the difference as here small curved pebbles comprise the scenery making it even more attractive in association with open sea pristine waters to swim. Next to ancient boatyard that still can be seen on the rocks, this beach will not be ideal for swimming in case you are not sand fun but great seafood may be tasted just on the road side where taverns are located.

Lolantonis Beach

Lolantonis further southwards continues with sand and wind giving a true summer taste to the ones that will make their way there. The Northelies here will make it windy but no waves will be encountered as this beach is sheltered as well so give it a try.

Tripiti Beach & Faragas Beach

Tripiti cave on the South is a unique nature’s creation that is mostly been visited by the sea and lies adjacent to famous Faragas beach sheltered by Northerlies offering view to the South. Faragas is one the few beaches in the island that faces straight to the South where the shelter is excellent when strong North winds are the case. By the beach bar you can stare Sikinos Rocky coast when visibility allows it and swim in its transparent waters all day.

Faragas Beach Paros

Aliki Beach

Aliki bay with fish taverns is the other must for a combination of superb seafood and swimming, therefore add it in your to do list. Sheltered in the most of wind directions and with a plurality of eating venues by the beach Aliki is always a recommended stop over, especially for families with kids.

Antiparos Strait – West Punda Beach

Continuing towards the Southwest and West coast we are in Antiparos strait where clear waters and a view of Antiparos Island make the scene, high winds are ideal for kite surfing here, in summer time the strait is full of fun and adrenaline venturing from the west Pounda beach.

Parikia Bay Beaches

Approaching wider Parikia bay from South west, Parasporos and Agia Eirini are the options while inside the bay of Paroikia Livadia bay Martselo and Krios are coming to add more to choose from while remaining in close proximity with the Island’s capital.

In conclusion the island has a corner for all, from crowded to almost empty ones and either a windy to sheltered one Paros will not disappoint her visitors regardless the taste.

And what better way to enjoy those waters than by sea? We are here ready to take you there.

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