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Paros Sailing - Yin Yang ConceptTime flies and we are already close to the end of 2021 which in reality was our ‘normal’ start up first season under somehow what a named return to normality. Frankly speaking the season was not exactly like a normal one in terms of guests flow and regular arrivals as things kept changing while time was passing.

It also took us one more month than expected to commence operations as Tourism in Greece opened by the end of May and our first guests boarded us in June which was also a delay in the whole scene, nonetheless from there and on things moved somehow well, Greece and Paros saw a high number of visitors and respectively the Yin Yang Concept was chosen as a sea day trip in Paros by a decent number of them.

The feedback we received in verbal or written comments was more than enthusiastic and we cannot but thank them all for their kindness to acknowledge and appreciate our effort that in return satisfied and fulfilled them all. Guests from last year, others recommended by our previous ones or brand new ones boarded the Yin Yang for a half or full day at sea and only left fully pleased after a superb satisfactory relaxed day at sea.

We hosted all kinds of people from many different countries, French American Dutch and German families, British Italian or Spanish group of friends, honeymooners or even solo travelers that all wanted to spend a day at sea. It was fascinating to speak and host every day a different group of people that all hopped to see our magnificent shore and the close by islands from our deck.

Paros Island - Beach

What we decide to do and our guests come to enjoy is the result of a long difficult road of hard work, personal commitment and endless will to succeed. Our choices in every little thing that compile the overall outcome aim to make the Yin Yang Concept a truly unique one like no other similar experience. So when we return at Pisso Livadi after a day at sea it cannot but make us proud to shake hands with people facing us with a shiny deep smile full of gratitude and pleasure willing to return at the first chance.

By providing different options to choose from we offer our guests the choice to find what matches them better and respectively become not just an option to choose from but a special one that can adjust to many different preferences. In reality our mindset is made to not only offer a great product to potential clients but further moving with this to offer something much better than the average that goes beyond the anticipated. Sincerely speaking this is not a matter of competition with others but a self-development bet that never ends where the only one to compete with is our own self.

Yin Yang Concept Yacht

So what did we learn from our performance this season?

We were happy to conclude that our vision was one that proved to be properly focused and successful, our choice to serve our guests honestly with care and attention in a well-organized set up was recognized and worked while our constant adjustability to evolving conditions brought the desired acknowledgment. We came to recognize that by listening and trying to fulfill expectations and wishes we managed to not only satisfy our guests but gain their trust and appreciation, maybe one of the highest achievements a start-up can celebrate.

Our guests choose us not because we are the most cost effective ones-which we are not- but because we offer a bunch of quality elements in a unique combination that makes us something completely different from ordinary products. A sailing vessel like no other full of wood and varnish that distinguishes itself from any other and becomes an attraction to the eye generating dreams to sail with in a blue sea. A true sailing experience in privacy where the sun drenches its magnificent light while our guests enjoy relaxed on our deck the hiss of the wind and the smell of the open sea where altogether create an experience that cannot be described in words. A constantly upgraded lunch or dinner menu that has never let anyone down but filled up appetite in the highest of degree either in quality or quantity. Superb spots hidden by crowds that are only reached by the sea and customized schedule that adjusts to our guests taste in order to fully optimize the experience all hosted by highly experienced professionals in cruise and mega yacht industry  that do not compromise with nothing less but the best for their guests.

Looking back the months that passed it would be a lie to say that it was easy and smooth as it was not, unforeseen obstacles that popped up when not expected, last minute changes and requests that had to be dealt with, anticipated fatigue that had to be handled and many others, all of which surrounded by an ongoing pandemic created the scene where we operated at.

It has been difficult and took more than hard work to make it but we did it and it worked, even though we started late and had to seize our operations earlier than our will, we managed to establish the Concept in a demanding market with success, being recognized and considered as one of the highest quality choices in the island and this makes us feel that all this effort and hard work are being done for the correct reasons.

We have great plans for the future despite the odds and instable days we are still going through, we remain optimistic and positive as we truly believe that dreams visions and mostly purposeful endeavors come to pay off in the end, not necessarily in financial terms but higher ones as of serving the community with offering something that is worth its value which will make people’s life better while preserving the environment we live at.

2022 we are preparing for a year to thrive, see you then.

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