COVID Free Destinations: Will it be safe to travel normally this summer?

One of the main concerns during those weird days that we are living is how can we safely enjoy what we mostly love in our vacation and indeed until normality returns as a concept in our routine, the struggles arisen from pandemic will make our lives difficult the least.

It cannot be but a common assumption that what used to be the norm for the whole of our lives until a year ago seems to be rare in the coming and even deeper future, socializing been one of the most hampered of our functions and routines. This subsequently seen from a wider perspective influences the way we live apparently in a negative form.

Socialising even with close by friends and family has become difficult if not dangerous itself as even finding venues and sites to enjoy each other company appears to be a hazardous idea. Restaurants, pubs, bars or even public spaces are being focused as a dangerous place to be and this in return pushes us to remain restricted from living happily on top of other already banned norms we have lost from this unpleasant situation. So despite internationally massive vaccination there still seems to be a long way until this nightmare will be forgotten while living with the consequences of this horror will possibly be a thing that we have to learn to live with.

On the other hand no one can remain ‘imprisoned’ even if this might be the right thing to do at his own house forever. Clear skies, fresh air and the sense of free space around are essential for human beings, if it was not maybe imprisonment and deprivation of personal freedom would not be the punishment for the most of crimes throughout this world.

Travel to Greece: One of the safest destinations to visit in Europe in 2021

On the tail of this depressive year there seems to be a slight light in the tunnel for this summer, Greece as a famous and beloved destination has decided to open itself to tourism from mid-May therefore, we prepare ourselves to welcome all people who wish to enjoy our unique land and sea.

But is it safe to have a holiday at this time and in the coming future someone will consider, will there be safe corners to truly enjoy the restricted time given for a vacation? As a resident of the special island of Paros and someone involved in the hospitality business I can reply affirmatively yes. Paros with the variety of options to choose from can be a safe place to spend your holidays as there are safe while wonderful places to be and have a great time this summer.

Starting from residence options there are numerous sites to stay at from classy hotels to more budgeted options or nice villas by the sea like Yin Yang Villa or Guesthouse, there are options to choose from where protocols are being kept and congestions avoided. Paros offers a variety of beaches to choose from and this in combination with fresh air and space around cannot be but a preferred way to spend a day when there. Picturesque dinning venues around the island most of in open verandas and patios will provide the visitor with the possibility to enjoy local cuisine in our lovely landscape without being packed as in a crowded destination.

Covid-Safe Vacation with Sailing in Paros

But the safest way to have a great day in the island with your family and friends travelling with you is to take a private sailing tour at sea. The Yin Yang concept offers half and full day cruises around Paros south coasts and surround islands where your fellows can have the most of an unforgettable experience in comfort and style but most of all safely.

Without compromising your leisure and hygiene a daily sailing tour with us will offer you the most of an island day while enjoying local specialties and amazing views rejuvenated and refreshed on our deck.

Fresh air in the open deck under our sails and shinning Aegean light will make things much better than elsewhere, snorkeling in pristine waters and sunbathing afterwards will make you feel amazingly relaxed and pleased, we are here to take care of it all and have committed ourselves in delivering excellent moments at sea. With a maximum capacity of 10 guests on board and without any other contamination with crowds and potentially susceptible places to be, our deck cannot but be one of the safest places to be from every aspect.

Our professionalism and experience in hospitality at sea will be the booster to join us and offer yourself one of the most special experiences in Paros.

So if you are thinking how your days at Paros can be relaxing, enjoying nonetheless safe and fearful a day or more at sea with us will pay off and you can get an added value in your so desired vacation.

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