Molos Bay in the East of Paros Island

The Yin Yang Sailing Yacht

I am almost sure that the Yin Yang Yacht has been named as such since her launching in 1982 carrying this name all her life.

She is a Formosa 46’’ Ketch made in Taiwan on Canadian design recognised as a rather familiar silhouette in North American waters also known as Taiwan Clipper.  Legacy wants that even though hulls shapes on that model are identical the interiors are none similar to other as all those yachts were built for American Naval Officials which were based in Taiwan Navy Base while each one was ordering interior lay out to his taste.

In our case a 46’’ long keel ketch was the ideal boat to my taste, respectively this made a one-off glimpse when I discovered her for sale. When I first sailed with her in summer 2019 I was more than sure that she is what I had in my mind, so the story goes on. By October 2019 that she finished her season in Rhodes I decided to sail 170nm to Paros single handed to better know her. During the several adventures that came along after this trip and the ones until she reached Syros Dockyard,  I can say for sure that there is actually a bond and a form of relationship between a sailor and his boat.

For me the Yin Yang reflects the eternal desire towards sailing and the sea as well as my getaway into a world where I operate and feel free. I know that this is my home, once I find myself surrounded by the wide deep blue sea either under the Aegean blue sky drenched by the unique sunlight or gazing the stars and moon at night, sensing the sea from the deck of my boat.

Yin Yang has a uniqueness that distinguishes her from ordinary sailing yachts. Her unbalanced in height wooden masts in a Ketch lay out, her teak deck and interior, her slim lines make her classy and cosy the same time. Her bowsprit clearly extending over the stem, her angled mirror shape stern that gently ends in waterline and her curvy midship sides are so equally balanced together that cannot allow the glazing eye bypass her.

When all her sails are deployed and she gently lists to the leeward, she generates a sense of rigidness and safety to all onboard whiles she smoothly makes way through the water. Her motion on the water is gently and her reactions to the waves are of a bluewater yacht that was made for sea.

Underway with all sails deployed, off Barcelona Spain many years ago
Underway with all sails deployed, off Barcelona Spain many years ago

The Yin Yang Idea

The concept of the ‘Yin Yang Concept’ came to my mind when I started shaping the wider idea of uniting myself, the Yacht and its use. My personal life view has been formed around my experiences and influences along with my sensitivities and principles on this life and subsequently its very purpose.

The idea of balance and fullness that the Yin Yang reflects match perfectly with my life perspective especially in an environment with close contact to nature and the deep blue sea.

Paros Island like most South Aegean Islands is not famous for its rich plantation and deep forests; to the contrary locals  are not offended when someone peak on us for the dry rock landscape by praising as tallest plant the parsley. The scenery of the island is dry with low plantation combined with rocky plane cliffs that either end alike to the sea or form bays that embrace sandy beaches. The water is crystal clear and this can easily be verified by having a look while snorkelling or even diving, the sea life, waiting to be discovered.

The Cycladic Panorama as I love to call it, comprises of simplicity and there lies its very uniqueness. Pure nature, mild and wild shaped by the constant breezes and warm sun in summers, an evolving landscape presenting all spectrum of colours palette in spring and fall ending in cold but clear windy winters.

Molos Bay in the East of Paros Island
Molos Bay in the East of Paros Island

Conceptualising the Concept

All of those together cannot but be perfectly balanced to my eyes as the Yin Yang idea signifies. My personal approach in life, one in parallel to nature’s pace with deep respect to environment’s rhythm away from rush and anxiety comes to blend with the perfect yacht that takes you there.

As I have spent my whole life at sea most of it related to passenger shipping ending in specializing on the hospitality sector of cruise industry, I felt that all those around, inside and beyond me make perfect sense with the idea or the concept if your prefer.

I came across envisioning an experience that would be worth to share with Paros Island visitors hence the Yin Yang Concept materialised from a fluid spectrum of ideas to a real experience that people can share and enjoy for themselves when joining the Yin Yang.

The Yin Yang concept has taken shape and life; it will not be but pure pleasure allowing me to be your host for a trip towards natural and spiritual senses along the landscape of my beloved island.

Sharing my life view under the blue sky, sailing the blue sea over Alan Watts wisdom will make an experience that will be worth every moment.

Cannot but wait to take you out there

Perfect matching under Aegean Sun
Perfect matching under Aegean Sun

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