Season 3 – Making it towards the Crest

2022 ended finding us on top rated activities to do in Paros, after 3 hard years of great effort should this make us satisfied? Well frankly speaking we may feel satisfied, however…

Season 2 – our real start up throughout a Pandemic

So what did we learn from our performance this season? We are preparing for a year to thrive, see you then!

Diving in Paros: Private Cave Dives & Courses by Paros Divers

Discover Paros Divers and live a unique diving in Paros experience. Private cave dives & courses, learn more now!

Visiting Paros – A safe day at sea during Covid-19

One of the main concerns during those weird days that we are living is how can we safely enjoy what we mostly love in our vacation, until normality returns as a concept in our routine.

2020 Season 1 – How we have performed

So, as time moves and we are already in 2021aiming towards new season, we would better have a look in our first year of operation and review our achievements.

Things To Do in Paros: the ultimate guide for Paros island, Greece

Paros is an island that offers a plurality of choices when it comes to decide what to do when there. Explore them!

Paros Beaches: Our Unique Treasure in the Beautiful Greek Island

Feeling blessed to be raised in Aegean Sea I cannot but recall with the warmest memories my childhood summer days

Why Yin Yang Concept?

I am almost sure that the Yin Yang Yacht has been named as such since her launching in 1982 carrying this name all her life.

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