2020 Season 1 – How we have performed

So, as time moves and we are already in 2021 aiming towards new season, we would better have a look in our first year of operation and review our achievements.

After officially taking the Yin Yang Yacht in my hands and bringing her to new home back in October 2019, she spent a full winter in Syros Boatyard undergoing refits and preps for her inaugural season in her new role. Despite the inertia and endless optimism, the unknown enemy called Covid 19 shaped our kick off to a far different than anticipated and planned. Eventually whatsoever, we managed to get back in water in May 2020 and be ready to welcome our guests a month after.

Due to this unprecedented and unique timing that was waiting for us to start up, we delayed our inception until Mid-July when first visitors reached Paros while our first ever commercial sailing was made under strong Northerly winds but full of success. All the ones that followed until mid-October proved satisfactory alike with all of our guests having a superb day at sea full of memories and footage with them to recall. The feedbacks provided could not but makes us proud and honored as the tremendous effort made paid off and our target of making satisfied guests was totally reached.

For us the Yin Yang Concept is not a business aiming to net profits measured in numbers and depicted through spreadsheets. Definitely every commercial venture has as paramount aim profitability otherwise there cannot be survivability, however as Simon Sinek put it, profit should not be the primary target of a business but the vehicle to a higher purpose as to provide something to people or make someone’s day better, or differently but simply said by Bruce Kasanoff, ‘serve-not sell’.

Driven by such incentives, the concept was conceived, conceptualized and materialized in principle of offering a great time for our guests that on the one hand will have the chance to see sites and views not possibly otherwise, secondly get to familiarize themselves with sailing on wind in Aegean sea and feel what it is to be harmonized by nature’s laws, but mostly to experience the special unique moments that we have carefully prepared for them.

In other words, enjoying a day at sea onboard the Yin Yang Yacht was planned and proved to be a life time experience that is worth every penny spent and has been a highlight for our friends that sailed with us.

The odds faced and unforeseen issues that arisen made it challenging as every start up I guess but persistence and a constant will to succeed made it work. The endless hours of preparations, hard work and moments of tense, turned from obstacles to fuel a wider vision that turned this idea to reality.

2021 Season 2 Ahead – What to expect

One of my favorite quotes is ‘No plan survived after first contact with enemy’ where comes the Greek adjustability to constantly changing situations that maybe assisted us as nation to survive all those years. If I would recognize an element of survivability to myself this would be my ability to adjust in evolving and changing conditions, situations and environments (without bypassing my life’s principles and ethics however). On the other hand though, this cannot be a plan for life as it actually does not make a plan, and here comes the experience and knowledge gained through years in life mostly living and working abroad with multinational cultures and mentalities. Organizing things ahead, setting a detailed passage plan towards a final destination has to be the mindset behind actions and so is in our case.

So where we are standing today is in preps for new season ahead, while remaining optimistic that the pandemic will start to ease and vanish gradually at some point. Despite my agony to make it all perfect and even better than I would wish, reality keeps me grounded to sensible movements and decisions. Various projects that I have already conceived and been working on, will either be postponed or minimized until situation stabilizes itself and financial department gives us the green light to move on with further investments.

This nonetheless does not at all averts us from working hard on upgrading our product, re adjusting details, putting in line bits and nuts in order to offer an even better experience for our guests.

The Yin Yang Yacht wintered this season in Piraeus wider area, underwent upgrades in her electrical installations and hardware while some nautical – technical items were upgraded and maintained as well. She is currently ready to move to Syros once again for her annual dry dock where cosmetic, propulsion related and structural focused jobs are planned as well.

Without having any actual clear clue yet of how the season will turn and respectively position ourselves in this, in any case we are planning to be back in water by mid-April and await our new and not only guests to come aboard and sail with us.

Our base is in Pisso Livadi Paros, we will be venturing to Paros South Coast as well as Antiparos and Despotiko Islands for a half or full day in the leeward side. With 3 swim stops in pristine waters, enjoying superb beaches and breath taking views our guests will experience a special day under the sun, taste our famous cuisine of local specialties and mostly get to know what Greek hospitality is in first hand.

Alternatively we cross the Channel to Naxos and small Cyclades islands for the ones that wish to see the morning and evening views between the islands from a magnificent standpoint on our deck. Hidden coves and beaches, happy surprises weather permitting while this special contrast of a clear blue sky and deep blue sea will make you fall in love with our land, as we have done for a life time.

The Yin Yang Yacht will be there waiting for you, we will only consider ourselves successful in what we do if we only see you on the way off the yacht with a face full of genuine smile, your cameras full of great shots and footage and a promise to be back soon again, we remain sure that you will.

See you soon,

Your Captain Nikos


  1. January 24, 2021 at 11:23 pm
    Sue Spalton

    Good luck. Your positivity and desire to provide something special for others deserves success.

    • January 25, 2021 at 7:03 pm

      Thanks for supporting this Sue

  2. January 25, 2021 at 9:44 pm
    Michael Lloyd

    Dear Nikos,
    Great to see how all looks so superb. Fingers crossed that this year will get going soon and we can all get back to enjoying life! I am trying to get the IMO sorted out and start vaccinating sailors, but as usual, very little action. Best regards, Michael

    • January 27, 2021 at 10:08 am

      So nice to know you like it Captain Michael, your favor towards the concept is an honor.

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