As we wish to make the experience unique, we offer extra features that will enhance and add to every moment spent with us. Nutrition options are always available, customized voyages may be arranged if so is your desire, additional entertainment features onboard will make sure you will not miss a moment to take with you afterwards. Thematic experiences based on food, drinks, music or even specialty fitness exercises are offered in association with selected partners from the island. Happy to discuss and explore endless options – just ask!

Yoga onboard when the sun goes down

Hatha yoga is an ancient system where body postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation and relaxation (shavasana) are all combined in succession with the aim of attaining a healthy body and a clear peaceful mind. To get a deeper understanding of this particular system we need to keep in mind that the succession of the different postures and breathing exercises prepare the body and mind to enter deeper spiritual practices such as the practice of meditation. All different yoga practices in their variety are a means to strengthen the body and calm the mind, which in turn lead to a more harmonious and balanced state of existence.

yoga yin yang concept

We invite you to enjoy the power of breath and the relaxation of the body at the sea during the best hour of the day, the sunset. Wear some comfortable clothes and bring a mattress or just a towel and come aboard Captain Nikos Chalaris beautiful sailing boat Yin Yang  for a memorable Hatha yoga session!

Massage Onboard

Upon request we can arrange for you a professional masseur that offers various massage sessions onboard the Yin Yang. Adding relaxation onboard our special daily cruise trusted in the hands of a physiotherapist will only make your day more special and unforgettable. Let us know your preference in advance and we will have everything ready for you in order to make this experience above your expectations.

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