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Paros is an island that offers a plurality of choices when it comes to decide what to do when there, so let’s explore some options between many.

Heritgage, Culture & Civilization

Before getting there though there are few things that Paros makes me proud of and I feel that they have to be mentioned starting with an established heritage in waste recycling. Compared to other islands Paros is recycling a lot of its waste constantly, and recently the program ‘Clean Blue Paros’ has taken a step towards zero plastic waste that cannot be but another progressive achievement.

On the other hand the island has developed itself in culture and civilization establishing a series of successful festivals across the summer time that cover a wide spectrum of fields including music, folklore traditions, various events and acts that generate a different sense of leisure when spending time there.

There are so many fields for which Paros is a special island such as its long history from ancient years to byzantine days and piracy nights with various remains all around to its mild landscape that inspires visitors and inhabitants towards a relaxed living, Paros can be praised in various different fields but we better leave the element of discovery being there for the ones who will visit us.

So when eventually the visitor steps his foot in this blessed island and depending on the time to stay with us there are some recommendations to do that will pay off and reward so let’s find out but some together.


Watersports apart of leisure are also a part of habit in the island with Paros Nautical Club being the leader between others relative clubs, nonetheless all of them are working hard resulting in a sea friendliness culture throughout the island which produces successful nautical athletes that bring back medals after every race.


The island has various beaches all around and swimming in crystal waters is a must for all, there are many choices to choose from depending on what you seek for, you can have a look here for useful info and a sum of views to assist you.

paros beaches

Local Cuisine & Gastronomy

Through the years and in succession of heritage and tradition, the island has developed itself on cuisine and gastronomy offering a wide spectrum of choices to dine. From the classic street food called souvlaki to high end gourmet restaurants and from local traditional taverns to dedicated foreign national cuisine the choices are endless. Paros is a destination that covers almost everything in gastronomy and trying the most you can, will leave you pleased and definitely full in stomach.

Local wines and spirits are also a field in which the island stands out proudly, following up a long heritage and tradition in wine production local units have established themselves in wine, vinegar, traditional souma and other spirits production. Visiting them is a good idea to try yourself and why not get some bottles for home to remember your unique moments with us.

paros local cuisine


When sun descends, island’s nightlife emerges with a full variety to choose from depending on your wills. From cosy cafes and bars, to wine bars and night clubs full of night life Paros does not lack anything and nights here are full of fun as are the days, Naoussa Paroikia and Pisso Livadi will be waiting you to find out yourself depending on your desires.

Architecture & Churches

If the visitor wishes to have nature close-ups combined with traditional Cycladic architecture, the villages around will reveal stunning views and experiences. Lefkes, Kostos Marpissa and Prodormos are but few to choose from, try strolls around the labyrinth of old paths, have a local coffee in the traditional cafes or hike between the villages on the designated ancient paths and nature will pay off.

As mentioned the island carries a long history through the centuries, from Panagia Ekatontapyliani church in Paroikia established from Byzantine days that legacy wants to have 100 doors but one not yet being discovered, to the ancient monument from ancient Hellenic days in Despotiko Island south of Antiparos there is a lot to do and see. There are 12 ancient monuments through Paros, Antiparos and Despotiko islands, they are not presented as they should however visiting them if you like history will satisfy the thirsty eyes that seek history.


Mentioning Antiparos here is a stop over by itself, the little sister of Paros lies next to her, accessible from Pounda or Paroikia through a few minutes crossing, Antiparos transmits an easy pace that will reward the ones who seek relaxation and not only. The city is a must to stroll between narrow paths covered in Bougainville and drenched under Aegean sun and the famous cave in the top of the island is a must visit.


Returning in Paroikia, the old city full of people strolling in the summer will fill you up with island’s pace, and enjoying sunset by the promenade will only give you great memories and pictures to take back home, highly recommended for all.

The options are numerous and the island will most probably cover almost all of the different types of visitors, from the ones that seek crowds and fun to the ones that prefer peace and relaxation. Individual travellers, couples or full families will all find their corner to nest and enjoy, this variety of choices makes the island so famous along others.

For the end the recommendation comes with the best thing to do when visiting the island, a day at sea in order to enjoy and explore by boat. There are numerous ways to get yourself to sea and they will all pay off, venturing from almost all ports and marinas to coasts in vicinity or close by islands and from private yachts and traditional boats to larger ones the options are many.

The Yin Yang Yacht sails out of Pisso Livadi in the South East coast towards the South of Paros, Antiparos, Despotico and islets or Naxos & Iraklia and even more far if wanted, offers a quality day at sea using wind and sails, experiencing fine dining onboard and stunning views either from deck or while snorkelling. Welcome onboard to find out!

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