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2022 ended finding us on top rated activities to do in Paros, after 3 hard years of great effort should this make us satisfied?

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Well frankly speaking we may feel satisfied, proud and honored without a doubt of course, however should we feel that our goal was achieved and now we can relax a bit and take it easy? From our standpoint the answer is no as there is always way ahead to become better and further evolve no matter how good you have made it. Our successful track up to now fulfills us, as this was not a smooth tour on fair seas but one full of hardships and struggles coping with odds that were never anticipated, surviving failures disappointments and finding the courage to continue towards our vision, cannot but admit that this was not an easy ride.

Receiving great reviews from our wonderful guests leaves a smile in our face, all our commitment and attention in detail come to pay off when we come to see in public that the Yin Yang Concept has been recognized as a top-rated experience in the Island. Serving our guests with pride ensuring they will have the best possible day at sea they could ever expect fills up our lungs with fresh oxygen our smiles widen.

With a brand new eco-friendly Main Engine installed before we commence operations this season, a brand-new high-quality genoa sail, a brand-new fridge and many other upgrades Yin Yang delivered top services smoothly throughout a difficult season with success. This summer was windier than ever in Paros making visitors skeptical if a day at sea would be the right thing to do, as we put our customers above all and working in detail to provide an awesome experience for them to remember, weather conditions had to be navigated and dealt with. We are the kind of business that believes in honesty and respect to guests. Promising that the tour will be great on a windy day cannot be an easy one, nonetheless results and feedback was great and our guests experienced a superb day of fun and relaxation even throughout a non-ideal weather pattern.

Our menu was enhanced with more quality products and home-made cooking embraced with similar beverages and drinks that everyone enjoyed to the most while our small details on board made everyone feel relaxed, well taken care of and special onboard the Yin Yang.

Yin Yang Yacht Paros

A daily tour is by default an interesting but challenging operation, if there are added geographical, physical and not only layers of difficulty the outcome can be described as an intensive one to start with-the least. Our rigid yacht, armed with our knowledge and will to succeed made it a concept that differentiates from the ordinary products commonly found standing alone as a category of itself. And here is the key element that defines our mindset and decision making for the future.

The truth is that we did not choose the easy way to follow, and this was not because we could not do if so, we wished, actually and most probably an imitation of the standardized set up in daily tours would guarantee a successful path.

Our different way of understanding the world, business and people right or wrong makes us believing in creating unique products and services that will set another level and type in the market focusing in superb value for money experiences that cannot be found easily around.

Taking it further, after 3 years in the market seeing things from a distance makes us evaluate our way up to now and the result we have come at. The gained knowledge mixed with our experience, the clarification of further needs and lots of inspiration dozes cannot but bring new ideas and concepts in the table to examine and consider.

Even though various conditions and variables are constantly steering the pot hence decisions and actions are in an ongoing reevaluation state and process, it seems that future can be re-shaped accordingly and re adjusted. The time is not yet right to share our thoughts on this nonetheless it might be close by so once we are ready to move with next steps, we will not hesitate to make it to the future with courage and vision as we have already made it up to now.

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The Yin Yang for one more winter is resting in Syros Tarsanas Boatyard and being taken care of, we are again at sea known as our home as well and we will see us again soon,

Will keep you posted.

Your Captain Nikos

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